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Excitations of the nS States of Atomic Hydrogen by Electron Impact, Excitation Rate Coefficients, and Phase Shifts: Comparison with Positron Impact Excitation

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The excitation cross-sections of the nS states of atomic hydrogen, n = 2 to 6, by electron impact on the ground state of atomic hydrogen were calculated using the variational polarizedorbital method at various incident electron energies in the range 10 to 122 eV. Converged excitation cross-sections were obtained using sixteen partial waves (L = 0 to 15). Excitation cross-sections to 2S state, calculated earlier, were calculated at higher energies than before. Results obtained using the hybrid theory (variational polarized orbital method) are compared to those obtained using other approaches such as the Born–Oppenheimer, close-coupling, R-matrix, and complex-exterior scaling methods using only the spherical symmetric wave functions. Phase shifts and elastic cross-sections are given at various energies and angular momenta. Excitation rate coefficients were calculated at various electron temperatures, which are required for plasma diagnostics in solar and astrophysics to infer plasma parameters. Excitation cross-sections are compared with those obtained by positron impact excitation.