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Single-Particle and Collective Structures in Neutron-Rich Sr Isotopes

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Neutron-rich Sr nuclei around N = 60 exhibit a sudden shape transition from a spherical ground state to strongly prolate-deformed. Recently, much new insight into the structure of Sr isotopes in this region has been gained through experimental studies of the excited levels, transition strengths, and spectroscopic factors. In this work, a “classic” shell model description of strontium isotopes from N = 50 to N = 58 is provided, using a natural valence space outside the 78Ni core. Both even–even and even–odd isotopes are addressed. In particular, spectroscopic factors are computed to shed more light on the structure of low-energy excitations and their evolution along the Sr chain. The origin of deformation at N = 60 is mentioned in the context of the present and previous shell model and Monte Carlo shell model calculations.