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Universal Health Risks

Universal risk factors are factors that lead to multiple diseases. There are many causes of disease; some that we know about and many that we don’t kn...

Rnfinity| 02-10-2022

Hear my machine a comin

Hear my train a comin and Machine gun are two of Jimi Hendrix’s finest pieces, but whilst venerated by his fans they are probably unknown to the wider...

Rnfinity| 21-09-2022

What does covid have to answer for?

Long covid has left many people suffering in its wake, but when you see your favourite blogger complaining of long covid symptoms, having contracted i...

Rnfinity| 11-09-2022

Cheating time

Cheating Time -Time fascinates. It only seems to travel one way and sadly off course it is finite. The differing perception of time is a much-studi...

Rnfinity| 14-08-2022

What does it really mean to cure cancer?

What it really means to cure cancer You may be wondering why, despite the great technological advances that have been made over the years, within s...

Rnfinity| 21-07-2022

Rise of the Mutants

Covid 19, having acquired more than enough Greek characters to its nomenclature than an unneighborly frat house, has moved onto hot hatch or I phone p...

Rnfinity| 23-04-2022

Where's academic publishing at?

Where’s academic publishing at today? So you have carried out some great research and want to tell the world. You want to get your article publi...

Rnfinity| 13-05-2021


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Rnfinity| 13-05-2021

The Big Bang Theory Quiz

Copy the following link into your server and test your knowledge of the hit series https://laviedeloca.com/the-big-bang-theory-quiz/

Rnfinity| 04-03-2021