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From Quark to Infinite Dimensionality

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This article gives a overall picture of how the universe works from the likelihood that our universe is infinite dimensional at the nanometer scale of an indestructible quark. The article explains that we only can perceive for sure up to 4 dimensions of physical reality. However, the speculation in this article seems very clear that likely we are seeing activity in the 5th dimension in particle physics experimentation explaining the EPR paradox and other mysteries seen in particle physics. Finally, the article shows why the Mendeleev Chart has historically listed possible stable atoms without giving the exact number possible. The way protons and other hadrons are composed of six quarks and six antiquarks held together by gluons leads to the inevitable conclusion that only 108 stable atoms can exist. Being stable means the protons in an atom are composed of 3 quarks/antiquarks having charge 1. Recent discoveries in particle physics research demonstrates that there exists a particle named the pentaquark composed of five quarks. The article explains that pentaquarks have been identified in recent particle research. It is not known yet whether the pentaquark leads to a different proton that leads in turn to a pentaquark atom. New particle research will likely answer this question.