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Interpretation of Natural Deconstruction Trough Pandemic Covid-19 Situation Based on “The Garden of Earthly Prosperity in Ground Zero”

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"The Garden of Earthly Prosperity in Ground Zero" is a work of art by Isur Suroso. The painting reflects the story of the Sinom song in the text Babad Diponegoro. This fine art tells the story of Prince Diponegoro when he was raised by his great-grandmother in Tegalrejo Village, Yogyakarta. Tegalrejo Village has a simple community pattern. The beautiful natural environments in Tegalrejo Village are silent witnesses to Prince Diponegoro's life. This research aims to describe the concept of visual deconstruction with the COVID-19 pandemic situation. This research uses the deconstruction theory of Jacques Derrida. There are forms of deconstruction meaning through the pandemic situation in this painting. The fine art of "The Garden of Earthly Prosperity in Ground Zero" is divided into three parts. These parts in this fine art can reflect normal life conditions before the coronavirus pandemic appeared and reflect life after the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. The middle part of "The Garden of Earthly Prosperity in Ground Zero" interprets normal conditions. Meanwhile, two other parts describe a pandemic situation