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The Creative Revolution: The "New York in 1960" Experimental Era of Art and Design

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Welcome to New York in the 1960s! “Art and Design in 1960s New York,” a key component of Amanda Gluibizzi’s Doctor of Philosophy research at the “Graduate School of The Ohio State University,” has been first published in the UK and USA in 2021 by Anthem Press, and the book is now available to acquire on major websites. Anthem Press is a leading independent academic, professional, and trade publisher with a strong international and interdisciplinary focus in the established and emerging social sciences, business/law, and humanities fields of study. The Rail’s art editor is Amanda Gluibizzi, who is the co-founder and co-director of the New Foundation for Art History, as well as the author of the book titled “Art and Design in 1960s New York.” She is a well-known art historian, researcher, and associate professor. She has a background in history, education, teaching, and publishing, as well as a specialisation in modern and contemporary art and design. Two of her notable research talks and papers are “Design Systems: What Not to Include” at the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and “Making New York Understandable”: Revolutionary Proposals for a City in Crisis-Design, History, and Revolution at Parsons New School in New York. The author takes a broader view of New York’s “Visual World” in the 1960s. The author uses a formal approach to explore the relationship between art and design and highlight their mutual influence, which has been overlooked throughout history. The author employs ethnographic and multidisciplinary methods throughout the book to highlight the art and design experiments and challenges in 1960s New York. The author examines design and art side-by-side to explore how their relationship manifests itself. The author included quotations and excerpts from journals, books, magazines, newspapers, interviews, and film scenes, in addition to diverse analyses of visuals and literature cognate to art and design. This research-based book gives readers an opportunity to take a look back with curiosity at the art and graphic design of 1960s New York.