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The anatomist’s perspective today towards human body donation for procurement of cadavers for study of human anatomy

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Anatomy is the study of structure of human body. Dissection of human cadavers has always been an integral part of study of anatomy as well as research in it. Till now the only source for cadavers for dissection purposes were unclaimed bodies. Today the need for bodies for medical education has increased and most medical schools are experiencing difficulties in procuring the requisite number of cadavers. Body donation programs may help fulfil this need of the medical schools. The present study was an attempt to analyze the attitude of the anatomists towards different aspects of body donation. 24.7% of the participants stated that they have insufficient cadavers, 12.3% claimed surplus cadavers while 62.8% claimed sufficient cadavers. 26% of the anatomists were unaware of the necessity for a death certificate and 35% were unaware of the necessity for a unique identification document for carrying out body donation.