National Service. Uhh Really

Embarrassing Dad's Army

RNfinity | 27-05-2024

Rishi Sunak’s announcement of a general election seemed to have taken many within his own party by surprise. Seemingly many MPs, who had not yet decided whether to step down or anticipated losing their seats, were caught off guard and felt they hadn't been given enough time to submit their job applications.

To woo new supporters and alleviate the burden on a population grappling with high taxes, interest rates, the spiralling cost of living, and poor wage growth, Sunak has proposed the introduction of National Service. This move, intended as an innovative use of young minds during peacetime, sends a concerning message to young adults: "We know you don't have anything better to do, so you need to serve your country for one year on very low wages."

This proposal appears to be yet another tactic that weakens wages, consistent with prior policies that imposed significant financial pressures on the populace and saw wages undercut through schemes incentivizing employers to hire low-wage workers from abroad. Everything appears to favour company profits, leaving employees with little benefit.

Make no mistake; Sunak likely knows his chances of winning the election are slim. This proposal is unattractive to young people and parents—the future of this country. So why bother with a policy that, much like the Rwanda migrant repatriation scheme, is unlikely to transpire, especially given there is only one month until the election? Is this some defiant, spiteful gesture suggesting he knows what's best for everyone? Is it an indication that he doesn't care what the public thinks, believing they are clueless, or is it merely a distraction from previous failed policies?

The current poor ratings reflect a hollowness and lack of conviction. It’s hard to believe that this person has our best interests at heart.