Women and reproductive health

Time trends in contraceptive prescribing in UK primary care 2000– 2018: a repeated cross-sectional study

Background Over the last 20 years, new contraceptive methods became available and incentives to increase contraceptive uptake were introduced. We aimed to describe temporal trends in non-barrier contraceptive prescribing in UK primary care for the period 2000–2018. Methods A repeated cross-sect...

11 months ago

Predictors associated with low-risk women’s pre-labour intention for intrapartum pain relief: a cross-sectional study

Background Pregnant women have preferences about how they intend to manage labour pain. Unmet intentions can result in negative emotions and/or birth experiences. Objective To examine the antenatal level of intention for intrapartum pain relief and the factors that might predict this intention. ...

1 year ago

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