Metabolic alkalosis and mortality in COVID-19

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Abstract Background As a new infectious disease affecting the world, COVID-19 has caused a huge impact on countries around the world. At present, its specific pathophysiological mechanism has not been fully clarified. We found in the analysis of the arterial blood gas data of critically ill patients that the incidence of metabolic alkalosis in such patients is high. Method We retrospectively analyzed the arterial blood gas analysis results of a total of 16 critically ill patients in the intensive ICU area of Xiaogan Central Hospital and 42 severe patients in the intensive isolation ward, and analyzed metabolic acidosis and respiratory acidosis. Metabolic alkalosis and respiratory alkalosis, and the relationship between metabolic alkalosis and death. Result Among the 16 critically ill patients, the incidence of metabolic alkalosis was 100%, while the incidence of metabolic alkalosis in severe patients was 50%; the mortality rate in critically ill patients was 81.3%, and 21.4% in severe patients ; The mortality of all patients with metabolic alkalosis is 95.5%,and 4.5% in without metabolic alkalosis. Conclusion The incidence of metabolic alkalosis in critically ill COVID-19 patients is high, and it is associated with high mortality. Key words :COVID-19, Metabolic alkalosis, mortality