Wilhelm von Waldeyer: Important Steps in Neural Theory, Anatomy and Citology

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Heinrich Wilhelm Gottfried von Waldeyer-Harz is regarded as a significant anatomist who helped the entire medical world to discover and develop new techniques in order to improve patient treatment as well as decrease death rates. He discovered fascia propria recti in 1899, which is important in total mesorectal excision which improves cancer treatment as well as outcomes. He played an important role in developing the neuron theory which states that the nervous system consists of multiple individual cells, called neurons, which currently stands as the basis of the impulse transmission of neurons. Waldeyer was also interested in cytology, where he made a substantial contribution, being the first who adopted the name "Chromosome". Therefore, he accelerated the progress of what it is now known as Genetics. In conclusion, starting from the Fascia propria recti and continuing with great discoveries in cytology and neuron theory, Wilhelm von Waldeyer represents a key person in what we today call medicine.